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My family travelled extensively from when I was very young, so I grew up eating & appreciating a wide variety of different foods. My first food memory is of eating a large bowl of noodles when I was about three &  attended a mainly-Chinese kindergarten in Vancouver.
My OE lasted nearly thirty years, during which I sampled some truely delicious meals in many places:  the beaches of Goa, Nepalese mountain villages, Pacific Islands, North African souks, Asian foodmarkets and streetstalls, American diners, Mexican cantinas, European cafes, and aboard ships and trains.

However, the Kiwi in me always looked forward to returning home for a roast lamb cooked slowly in a wood range. I can remember, when I was at Auckland University in the early '70's, and working at the wharves during term breaks, when Tony's Resaurant opened - prior to this the only places to eat out downtown were the pub retaurants  & a greasy-spoon Chinese place in Victoria Street. My favourite at Tony's was the carpetbagger steak.
Many years ago I worked in hotels as a silver-service waiter, & I still very much enjoy a dinner table set with silver & crystal on starched white tablecloths.
I enjoy sourcing food & cooking for a few friends. Everyone has food stories & recipies which are family favourites. I am constantly learning about
new dishes, new methods, & new ingredients.
Lately there has been a surge in TV cooking shows, but I still enjoy watching the old Graham Kerr "Galloping Gourmet" series.
Today there is a lot of fuss about what is "right" to eat, & things come in & out of fashion. I maintain that a diet which includes a wide variety of foods, all eaten in moderation, is the way to go.
I like to browse the markets for old cookery books - the more beaten-up & annotated, the better! My latest find is  "Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course" - a real gem with good old-fashioned methods. Forget the fancy stuff!
Welcome to "What Auckland Eats" - I hope you have fun & learn something along the way.

If you would like to submit a food for tasting, or to be on the show with a favourite dish - please contact me: whataucklandeats@gmail.com

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